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Hopefully my big devious Journal "Winamp forever - Music forever!!!" is perfect now, after I have edited it again and again. And because we have Summer, I want to send You all outside into the parks and forests together with Your digital cameras, for making photos of Nature & Landscapes without humans. And for the Winter, there are some good artist software available in the internet... :)


Sternenmaschinebine's Profile Picture
Sabine Klare
I am a multi-artist.
I make ambient and electronic music, but I listen to many other music-styles more, too.
Also I am interested for nature-documentations, cats and parapsychology etc.
But I make not only music, also artworks, lyrics and videos.
You can watch my music-videos in YouTube and You can visit my photo-gallerys in MySpace and the other plattforms.
I love to enjoy the music everywhere, from our studio, my harddrive, the Radio Streams and the music-websites themselves.
Now also with an own chat-room for group-chats (at webkicks), which I want to use, if live-shows in the internet are running:
Have fun!
Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...

Current Residence: Berlin, Germany
Favourite genre of music: Electronic, Ambient & Downtempo, Deep House, Dub Techno...
Favourite musician & photographer & artwork designer (Ireland): Vytis (also Vytis Dineika, V Endless and Silver Field Records)...
Favourite Winamp Skin Author: Victhor on deviantART, but also many of his friends...
Best Preset Author: Martin, but also the other preset authors are very good...
Favourite style of art: Space Art, Terragen, Bryce, Apophysis, Mandelbulber, Milkdrop 2.21 and Milkdrop 2.25c...
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit now (old install was 32-bit)...
MP3 player of choice: Always Winamp, in the studio, in the bed, in the train...
Skin of choice: Bento with my own Bento Color Themes, cPro & cPro2 & cProXUI...
After I have shown the limits for the other people, I have decided to write a new journal now. I am very glad, that the old Winamp Forums have stayed, because I am getting stick with my decision not to join the Winamp Enthusiasts Forum. But I want to give You both links:

Fortunatley the Winamp-Website and the Official Winamp Forums are not dead, after on 20th November 2013 AOL had announced to shut down Winamp and all associated websites on 20th December. In January Winamp & SHOUTcast have been sold to Radionomy. These are the 2 links (Winamp — It really whips the llama's ass!, Radionomy - The Radio Experience):

You should read the first 2 posts in this thread, because they contain links to some other important threads and also new download-links, while the original Winamp-Website has currently no download-links to Winamp for Windows, Winamp for Mac, Winamp for Android, Winamp Skins & Winamp Plugins (Winamp News - Winamp Forums):…

For many Winamp Users Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 crashes during the media library scan. This is a known bug, and the in_mp3.dll of Build 3516 has to be replaced by the in_mp3.dll of Build 3512. You will find also a new Jump To File plugin, because the current one in the installer-setup has bugs, too. Also notifier-issues are mentioned. For me Milkdrop v2.25c works very fine (also Milkdrop v2.21 works very fine). Please check out this thread (Known Winamp 5 Bugs - Winamp Forums):…

Further Milkdrop-Presets etc. are available here (MilkDrop plug-in for Winamp):

There is a Milkdrop Preset Archive by Jonny Rimkus aka RAVERMEISTER, with an older and with a newer website (with very much presets and also with many textures):……

If a Winamp User wants to let react the Milkdrop Visualizer to each sound on the computer or broadcast music from YouTube and SoundCloud via the Mixlr App in real time, at first "Stereomix" is necessary:……
After setting "Stereomix" as default recording device, rebooting, switching to another recording device and back to "Stereomix" the Milkdrop Visualizer should react to each music after starting the URL "linein://" in Winamp.
It should work also with music from Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Magix, Propellerhead, Traktor Pro, Ultra Mixer, Virtual DJ. These are 2 more forums threads (Ground Zero on my Workstation PC, Use visualizations with other software):……

There are also other music-visualizer for Winamp (and also Windows Media Player). The plugins from these 3 websites are still updated from time to time (Plane9 a scene based music visualizer and sound responsive screensaver, Music Visualizer - Download Morphyre 3D Music Visualizer at, SoundSpectrum - artistic music visuals for your media player):

For more screensaver I suggest to visit the website of Electric Sheep:

Please don't forget to visit also the websites of Koopa, Pawel and DrO (Welcome to Koopa's website, Paweł Porwisz, DrO's Winamp Plug-ins and Other Projects):

I myself have created 20 own Bento Color Themes for Winamp, and based on these Color Themes I have customized also the new My Cloud Player in Google Chrome, SRWare Iron and Opera (it should work also in Safari). In Mozilla Firefox I can customize only the Highlight Color or select 1 of the Theme Presets. Other Winamp Users have created own Winamp Modern Color Themes. Here I have 2 threads for You (Official Bento skin color themes thread - Winamp Forums, Official Winamp 5.0 Modern Skin Colour Themes Thread - Winamp Forums):……

Although I myself have never tried another Winamp-Skin than Bento, there are some software for creating own Winamp-Skins: Winamp Skin Maker, SkinnerToo, Skinimizer, Skinamp. As image-patterns I suggest to use own photos & artwork, which You Yourself have created. This is an official website for creating Classic Skins (Skinamp – a skin maker for Winamp | Sascha Hlusiak):

This is the link to a thread in Winamp Enthusiasts Forum for creating better Classic Skins (Skinimizer):…

These are the links for creating Modern Skins (How To Create Winamp Skins -, Everything you need - in one program! : SkinWamp Powerfull text editor with special tools for WinAmp 5 skinning):…

Also I have to mention further links to Software Informer (jlGui, FlashWAmp, Enhancer Skin Maker, Skinamp):……

Music player on websites: I have searched for Winamp Skins for Java Player, Winamp Skins for Flash Player, Winamp Skins for HTML Player. These are the links (JavaAmp | Free Audio & Video software downloads at, Skinnable Flash MP3 Applet - Add an XML-controlled Flash MP3 player to your website quickly (no Flash programming needed!). Choose from 11 MP3 skins (adapted from Winamp).):……

I have never got the Old JuicyDrop working again in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, Opera. It had worked once in Firefox 4 and above (JuicyDrop - Winamp Music Visualization, JavaScript + Canvas + SM2 + MilkDrop = JuicyDrop):……
Fortunately I have found a New JuicyDrop, and I have tested it successfully in Firefox & Chrome (JuicyDrop - Winamp Music Visualization with JavaScript and Canvas):
Maximal 35 tracks can be in the playlist, and the track of another artist remains after entering the SoundCloud-Username (for example "sabine-klare"). The latest 34 likes come into the playlist.
I suggest to test also "SOUNDCLOUD+TV", "Gattis Milkshake", "ButterChurn - WebGL Milkdrop Emulator", "A dive in music", "Winamp2-js" ("A dive in music" needs much CPU):……………

Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos... This is, what I am doing, as an artist and as a listener. I have found some less old .bmp-files on my harddrive and I have edited a few of them with IrfanView, because I needed image-patterns for my design-experiments. My most image-files are .jpg-files. After working with a new installed software I have exported 2 results to a new subfolder in my documents and not to the default path. I still have too many fears to export them directly to the default path, but I can copy & paste them also later, or I will upload them to Mediafire and share them with my friends. I am the copyright owner of all my image-patterns.

And my live-broadcast on Mixlr is still running, before I have to begin with the Mixlr app on the desktop in April:
▶ Music will not die - Music forever!!!

Update April / May 2014:

Finally also I myself use other Winamp Skins than Bento, especially cPro & cPro 2 Skins. I have all skins from other websites than
Here You can get all the Winamp Skins, but You will need many time:…………………
For the cPro & cPro2 Skins You need the plugin ClassicPro. You can get ClassicPro_2.02_beta2.exe here:…

Also I have created "My List Of Skins And Presets", which I update from time to time.
Because I don't have an own website for free yet (without online-banking), I will keep my files under this file-name up to date here:
Classic Version…
Modern Version…
SHOUTcast Version…
TEXT Version…

On 1st May 2014 I had created 5 new .m3u-playlists for Mixlr, after Mixlr had removed the SoundCloud Playlists and also changed the profile layout. But on the same day they had introduced a new pricing plan. 1 hour for free accounts is too less...

Update May 2016:
I have expanded my Milkdrop2 folders on my PC & notebook from 4 to 24 subfolders, with:
covers, coversmore, data, docs, documentations, filesgif, filesmore, images, imagesmore, logos, logosmore, more, old, older, otherformats, presets, textures, unselected, unselectedmore, wallpaperscprokao, wallpapersdesktop, wallpapersmanysizes, wip, wipmore
For the required and random textures the following file-formats can be used:
For cPro - KAO the file-formats JPG and PNG can be used, for Komodo Vanguard & Komodo Touchscreen only JPG can be used, and for the Komodo backgrounds (also desktop wallpapers) the pixel sizes should not be less than 1024x798 pixel, bigger is better.
For the image-filenames only the 26 international letters are allowed (uppercase and lowercase), the 10 international digits, "_" and "-", but no blank spaces and no extra-signs, especially no "ä", no "ö", no "ü" (because of the wide-spreaded Unicode-Problem). With the coding for sprites and in presets it is the same like with final URL-names or video-URLs in a browser.
For the textures and wallpapers I suggest the following artwork software:
Apophysis, Blender, Chaoscope, Chaoticafractals, Flarium-89, FractalGrower, Fractron9000, Incendia, JWildfire, Mandelbulber, Terragen Classic & Terragen 2 & Terragen 3 & Terragen 4, XAOS
And I suggest the following software for photoworks:
GIMP, IrfanView, Inverted Image, Paint.NET, PhotoFiltre, Photoscape, Phoxo, PixBuilder Studio, Pixia, PNGgauntlet
Some more software are available as trials and as software, which have to be bought:
Adobe Photoshop, Corel, Fractal eXtreme, iClone, Magix, Mojoworld, Ultra Fractal, XenoDream
Not as free versions anymore, now they have to be bought:
Bryce5 & Bryce7 (Bryce5.5 & Bryce7.1)
For iPhone and iPad:
For online-creations and online-editings:
Easy Fractal Generator, LunaPic Online Photo Editor
I still don't know, if it is a fractal software or a screensaver, because it is mentioned also on some of the fractal websites:
Electric Sheep
Also I suggest to search for:
"planet map", "planetmap", "planet map generator", "renderosity", "fractal generator", "fractal software - fractal foundation", "fractal forums"
Unfortunately "Fraktal Schmiede" has closed forever (this website had taken care also of Apophysis). For Mojoworld there is now the website "Mojoworld Archives".
I wish, I could create my own Space Images, Nebulas, Maps of Fantasy Planets, Coral Reefs, Lifeforms etc., but at least I have photos of Nature & Landscapes without humans and many good Terragen Artwork.
Currently I have over 9900 presets in use, over 4000 random textures, over 600 desktop wallpapers, over 600 wallpapers for cPro - KAO and over 2600 skins. My Winamps have reached the 2 GB.
Because the summer is coming, everybody can go outside into the nature with the digital camera, into the parks and forests, onto the fields or to a water etc. Every day will bring other results, but You can try it... :)

Update from June 2016 to December 2016:
New Uploads on Mediafire:
Song-Lyrics by the band KLAL, the band Sternenmaschine, Frank and me, packed in one folder:…
My older Streams-Playlists with the last Updates from 2014, packed in one folder:…
My planned new Streams-Playlists and Instructions, so that also You Yourselves can build them up:…
My 20 own Color Themes for Bento and Big Bento, in 2 name-versions and 2 file-formats:…
My 3 .ini-files for the Milkdrop2 Configurations in AppData, which is hidden by default:…
Two official .ini-files for the Milkdrop2 Configurations in AppData, which is hidden by default:…
My Documentations for Milkdrop2 with different .txt-files, packed in one folder:…
My List Of Skins And Presets in 4 different Versions, packed in one folder:…
My own Winamp Classic Skins, made with Skinamp, together with demo images and basic images:…
My Logos in 1280x640 pixel, copy the Merrychristmas Stuff into logos and copy the other .jpg-files into textures:…
The GIF-Demos for my Logos, then You can see, what I did plan with them in future presets:…
My own textures from the subset testmoss, where also the basic images are 100% from me:…
My own textures from the subset mossleaves, where also the basic image is 100% from me:…
My own music covers, for the audio-video-folders and for the subfolders textures, images, covers:…
My own images for the subfolder wallpaperscprokao, for cPro - KAO, Komodo Vanguard and Komodo Touchscreen:…
My own images for the subfolder wallpapersdesktop, for the desktop, Komodo Vanguard and Komodo Touchscreen:…
My own additional random textures, which I have in use also in the textures folders on my PC and on my notebook:…
Those images by me, which I have in covers, images, logos, unselectedmore, instead of the textures folders:…
My Slideshow-Playlists as .txt-files, although IrfanView cannot play the skins and presets in a slideshow:…
My photoworks of tree-surfaces for cPro - KAO, although maybe some people want to use them also on the desktop:…
Some more surface-experiments, but my "Railway Stones" and "Nebulas" in some other packs are much better:…
490 of 554 preselected Terragen Artwork (also in textures, 198 with other filenames also in wallpapersdesktop):…
1200 more Terragen Artwork from 2010 in 1280x720 pixel, although I myself didn't test them yet in Winamp:…
A selection of 100 photos, mostly in 2272x1704 pixel, 10 of them as color-edits, 90 of them in the original colors:…
A selection of photos with the original sizes in 4000x3000 and 4000x2240 pixel, but as lightweight versions:…
A selection of photos as half-sized versions in 2000x1500 and 2000x1120 pixel, with the same images like above:…
Also I am working on sprite-friendly textures, which are very good for the neverending rotation:…
Some more images before I had created my final mossleaves-images and 2 of 6 image-skins with Skinamp:…
My newer works from 20 basics for my older logos, now in a better quality (also part of wipmore):…
My .avi-video with the 3 swans, I talked about them also in my thread "My Photos of Parks in Berlin 2016":…

Now I am coming to my list of all our profiles and pages (Sternenmaschine Band Members) with old and new links:…

Have fun!... :)

In one of the .jpg-files I have discovered a typo.
Please rename mossleavesbysabineklare5red.jpg to mossleavesbysabineklare5red050.jpg, on my PC I did that already.
Currently I cannot load Mediafire and update,,
I am sure, You can edit my mistakes independent from me.
15th November 2016: Updated wallpaperscprokao and wallpapersdesktop successfully. I have renamed much more files and I have added much more images.

Latest updates for the following .zip-folers: on 2016-06-14 on 2017-02-10 on 2016-06-21 on 2016-11-22 on 2016-11-22 on 2017-02-17 on 2017-01-04 on 2016-11-29 on 2016-06-14 on 2016-06-14 on 2016-11-23 on 2017-01-03 on 2016-11-22 on 2016-11-22 on 2016-11-22 on 2016-12-20 on 2016-12-20 on 2017-01-03 on 2016-11-18 on 2016-11-29 on 2016-11-22 on 2016-11-29 on 2016-12-20 on 2016-11-29 on 2016-11-25 on 2016-11-23 on 2016-11-15 on 2016-12-20 on 2016-12-20 on 2016-12-20

Latest updates for the following single files:
Sternenmaschine_Band_Members_Links.txt on 2017-01-06
All 4 versions of "My_List_Of_Skins_And_Presets_by_Sternenmaschinebine" on 2017-01-04
  • Listening to: My radio on Mixlr...
  • Watching: Milkdrop 2.25c (Visualizer of Winamp 5.7 Beta)
  • Playing: linein://


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And keep up Your good work! :)
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I have found You via some other Deviant Artists.
I like Your digital artwork. :)
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You make very good mandalas. :)
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You're very welcome.  You have an interesting gallery.  I'm glad you are enjoying my work.
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And thank You for Your good work, Victhor.

I have already the half of my 28 profile background images online, the other half could follow in the next days. If I have all 28 images online, You can have them for Komodo Vanguard. And keep up Your good work!... :)
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
I am stopping by now.

I have increased from 10 to 28 Profile Background Images. Especially 10 of them would look very fine. One of them is already in deviantArt. I use it also in my many artist profiles on many music websites. I don't know yet, when can I upload the other 27. I have not enough time today.

Unfortunately many music websites have changed their profile layouts over the last 6 years. I understand, that they have to be made more compatible with the mobile devices. I am missing especially the beautiful Old Mixlr Profile Layout with the Old Mixlr Stage and the Old Mixlr Visualizer. 3 colors for it and 3 Profile Background Images were possible.

I have solved now this problem at least for myself, alone, and I feel, I would be back on the Old Mixlr Stage... :)
bronze Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Hey thanks for the happy birthday 55 weeks and 6 days ago.
I see you love winamp cool :)
I loved those days and the ppl that I met on the irc channels, other skinners, going to and customize...
Victhor Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Welcome to Winampers!!
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015
Thank You, Victhor.

I am so happy to be here.

All the best, greetings,

Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
I am still alive. Currently I am focussed on my idea "Music Video Images For Live Events". You can stop by also in my YouTube-Channel. Stay tuned!... :)
Victhor Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks for the fav on cPro2 Aluminum II!!
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
I love it to make the other people curious, but not only I myself, also my colleagues love to do that.
Soon the next "surprise parcels" could be opened, because the 24th December is not far away anymore.
I imagine, the other people may rejoice full joy. And then we all will celebrate.
I wish You all Happy Holidays!!!... Santa Clause Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Snowflake Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Snowflake Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Santa Clause 
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Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
From 18th to 28th August I will be without telephone and without internet, because all 4 front houses & leased apartments will get new cables for cable TV, telephone and internet. The old cables will be cut off, and then I will not be able anymore to go online.
I will miss You all, and I really hope, that I can be back in September...
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
I am back now, and I have discovered, I have lost 14 favourites and also 1 watching & 1 watcher.
At least I have downloaded all the files a while ago, and I will take care of them.
I am glad to see the other Deviants and all their works here.
In Facebook & I have updated my blogs & notices:…
I have currently 2120 Winamp Skins, 2084 Milkdrop Presets & 124 AVS Presets in my Winamp's (PC & notebook), before I will have again more than now (I am waiting for new Skins & Presets)... :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
I will stay tuned in the World of Winamp & Milkdrop... Star! Sun I'm on fire! 
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Today we have the 22nd July 2014. Exactly 4 years ago I have installed Winamp the first time!!!
Also today I have made 20 new screenshots and uploaded my new photo-album "Dark SoundCloud in Google Chrome":…
I have so many other photo-albums, mostly with Winamp & Milkdrop, also in Windowshade Mode. Behind my Transparent Firefox I can see the Milkdrop Visualizer in Desktop Mode.
Enjoying Winamp and the Milkdrop Visualizer every day. Bento and the other Winamp Skins are awesome, especially the "cPro And cPro2 Skins For Winamp", these screenshots are also here in deviantART.
Still enjoying Bumani on SoundCloud today... :-)
Music will not die - Winamp & Milkdrop forever
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
I have uploaded 20 more screenshots.
My newest photo-album has 40 screenshots now.
For today my work is done... :-)
Sternenmaschinebine Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
I feel, a surprise is coming... It's coming... The Surprise... Stay tuned, "Music Art Design Fans", You will enjoy the music much better!...
Glowing In The Dark, Shining So Bright...
It has so Beautiful Colors...
You will fly way, into Higher Spheres...

Music will not die - Winamp & Milkdrop forever
Victhor Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
=D Thanks for the words and all the favs!!!
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