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Mixlr Live 0035 by Sternenmaschinebine Mixlr Live 0035 by Sternenmaschinebine
Screenshot from Mixlr with Transparent Firefox and also Google Chrome during running very good music from websites through my soundcard and Winamp via “Stereo Mix” and “linein://” (made in 2014).
With the default Bento in Windowshade Mode and with the Milkdrop Visualizer in Desktop Mode.
I can see the Milkdrop Visualizer of Winamp very well behind the Transparent Firefox, while in Google Chrome I can see less from Milkdrop.
My Main Profile Background Image is also on deviantART, on the latest page. I had created it with Terragen Classic.
In 2015 I uploaded also my other 27 Profile Background Images, also with Terragen Classic. 8 of them are cuts from my many Winamp Screenshots.
Especially in 2009 and 2010 we had very good profile layouts on many music websites. But nearly all music websites and social networks had changed the profile layouts to make them more compatible with the mobile devices.
With many thanks to Iron2000 and Victhor I can live now much better with the loss of the very beautiful old profile layouts.
I can recommend the Winamp Modern Skins which can access images: cPro - KAO and Komodo X Touchscreen
I have stored the .jpg-files with their final filenames in the subfolders wallpaperscprokao and wallpapersdesktop inside of the Milkdrop2 folder (they should have at least 1024x768 pixel, above is better).
Required add-on for the styles and themes in Firefox: Stylish
Many styles and themes for Firefox (and also Chrome) available on:
You can listen to the music of the many users on: SoundCloud, Mixcloud,, ReverbNation, YouTube, Vimeo etc.
Many thanks to all the developers, plugin authors, skin authors, preset authors, texture authors, artists, labels, musicians, DJs, netlabels... :)
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