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I have found some new groups here, but I have still decided not to send join-requests anymore, because in the past some of my join-requests didn't have been approved, they had been rejected instead. I was deeply offended and hurt in my pride, because I wasn't accepted, although I didn't have done anything wrong. For now, I have decided to become a new watcher instead.

After my bad experiences with some people in Facebook, who had suddenly deleted the friendship with me (just because I wanted to intervene in a conflict between some people or just because I have too much private problems and I had trusted those people a little bit more, which was a big mistake), and after the deletion of my account in another platform by one of the people, who simply don't like me and who have the power to do that (I didn't post something yet, but I always followed the rules and I didn't break them), I don't have full confidence anymore, of course. That's the reason, why I don't want to join a new forum anymore. On the old original board I feel more well and I want to stay there, also in the big artist-platforms & social networks.

I was really thinking about to create my own group here, but then I have read about the groups in the FAQ. It seems to be a little bit complicated for me, and maybe it's better to make my own things solo here. I have enough own groups in Facebook and also an own community in Google+, and they are not so complicated for me.

Everybody, who still likes me and who doesn't hate me, is welcome here and can write comments in my profile on deviantART.

PS, the name of my current live-broadcast in my profile on Mixlr is: Music will not die - Music forever!!!...


I am not a playing ball for other people. Once a woman had suddenly sent a message to me, she demanded that I should remove another certain person from my friends-list. She said: "Either the other person or I!", she accepted no other options. Then it's better to remove both contrahents from my friends-list, if necessary. I don't let myself be blackmailed by anyone. Also many people are corrupt, they would prefer to be incited by another person against a certain person without thinking whether it was a lie, and they delete the friendship with the certain person. Suddenly some people were not friends of me anymore. There was also a woman, who had deleted the friendship with me again and again, "accidently", as part of a scavenging action in her friends-list, then she had sent a new friend-request. But this woman has lost credibility for me.

Although there was nothing in the rules, that a new member has to make at least 1 post in the first 3 to 6 months, one of the administrators or moderators has deleted my account, after I had already added the first friends (only 2 members didn't get a friend-request from me, because I didn't trust them anymore). I don't want to re-register there after such bad experiences. Also I will stay away from another platform, after a good friend has been blocked there just because he didn't sell his music-files there, where the owners of the platform could have earned of. He wanted to have his podcasts free downloadable, and now the bookmarked link to his playlist doesn't work anymore. I think, they have deleted his account. I don't need platforms & boards, where the accounts of the users are deleted by the owners
according to their own caprice. A platform or board has to be serious. Fortunately the most platforms & boards are serious.

Update August 2014:

In July I have posted my own opinion, a very reasonable opinion, and the most people would agree with me. I have said, that I don't like something (the very loud new year's fat-banger, because they can be very dangerous). Another person discovered that and terminated the friendship with me, just because
my opinion stood in contrast to the opinion of the other person. I never mentioned the name of the other person in my posting. I had known this person for so many years, but I didn't know, that this person wouldn't accept opposing opinions. I have learned again. And I can say: I don't need such people, I am not dependent on them, I can live without them very well...
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March 5, 2014


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